Welcome to the Undertow Film Blogsite!

Welcome to the Undertow Film Blogsite!

Welcome to the Undertow Film Blogsite!

Due to the insistent public demand, this blog site was created to address all the concerns regarding the film. Since it brings about many controversial issues due to its underlying theme that incorporates religion, beliefs, and culture, it encourages a guided discussion. This is why we have open this forum for everyone.

The Movie

Undertow (Contracorriente) is a movie that is a debut film of Javier Fuentes – Leon. While it could be classified as a romance story, some could also consider this as tragedy.

The story was set in Cabo Blanco, Peru where locals live and breathe their religion and culture. The setting alone of this film is breathtaking. Houses that lack many of the modern conveniences are present, but it just adds to the rawness and appeal of the place. However, you cannot help but wonder how it would look like if they considered modernizing the place a bit, like by adding up a good landscape at every household, or a traditional – raised garage door that are typical in places like Las Vegas NV. With the beauty that was Cabo Blanco, it would no doubt put additional charm to the place.

The protagonists of the story are Miguel, Mariela, and Santiago. From the names alone, you could probably guess that this is another third party story. You are not wrong. Mariela and Miguel are married couple, the former being pregnant with their first child. But no marriage is perfect especially since Miguel was having an affair with Santiago behind her wife’s back. It was a secret that they would have brought to their grave, only Santiago died first and went back to the land of living to seek the help of his lover to bury his body. Miguel was faced then by a difficult choice between continuously denying his sexual orientation and damning the soul of his lover, or facing the consequence of his actions and revealing his true self not only to his wife but the whole village as well.

To say that the movie is highly emotional is an understatement. It was like one roller coaster ride after another without seeing how it will end. Issues about gay relationship and cheating were tackled here, and it was evident how the former was still considered a “taboo” in some culture. This is most especially among those that are strongly governed by their religion. People are still forced to keep their true identity to conform to the society. What more, it brings forward that third party is a domestic problem that should already be addressed.

The movie is pouring with heavy emotions from start to finish. One realization shown is that, in this modern way of living we have now, we still have some ingrained practices that are hard to eradicate. Cemented by religion, it dictates our judgment and views on personality, sexuality and our wants and needs. What more is that, if this is not going to be addressed, we are in for a lifetime of lies and hiding.
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