Undertow is a multi awarded movie that has gain popularity from countries all pver he worls. It also bagged awards internationally due to the brilliance of the portrayal of characters for such an emotional and lesson-imparting movie.

Such awards include Sebastiane Award for Best LGBT Team in the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2009, Audience Award in Worlds Dramatic Competition in Sundace 2010, different Audience Choice Award in several festivals, defferent awards in the Lima Film Festival, Peru in 2010, and many more. It was continuously rated by professional novie critique with 5 stars, imparting only the most overwhelming commendations for our work done well.

The movies was described as:

“Really beautiful that would make you shed a bunch of tears the whole time.” – Mirinda Navarez, the Washington Post

“This movie is a step into one climax after another. You were not done yet, but here goes the next set of emotions that would shock you, sadden you, and make you wish that there is a sequel or something. You just don’t want it to end.” – Martha Birham, LGBT Advocate and Human Rights Activist

“Undertow would bring you UNDER intense emotions from start to finish. It is a movie that would provoke a reaction whether you want it or not.” – Alexa Bina, Blogger

“Must watched movie that would force you to deal with the current issues often overlooked. Would give a deeper understanding to our sexuality and would give a new meaning to love. This is under a brilliant direction with icing on top.” – Matteo Semblant, Businessman

“The setting was picturesque. A perfect movie with the perfect amount of drama. Tragedy that would open your eyes to new realities.” – Miguel Berto, Movie critique, director

If you haven’t watched it yet, then it is about tome to find yourself a copy. This movie is not to be missed.

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