This page contains all the information you’ll ever need to understand the film Undertow (Contracorriente). From the smallest details, to symbolisms and what was implicitly stated by the characters in the film, all of those are given light here.


To say that Undertow is a controversial movie is an understatement. Just the fact alone that this is not a movie appropriate for all ages will give you an idea that this movie contains sensitive content that needs to be explained to some to be understood. The movie contains scenes that are taboo to some, and still not accepted by the society. Since it involves religion, beliefs, and culture, it evokes a smorgasbord of emotions that may not be positive to some.

Why collate everything in this website?

Due to the controversy surrounding this movie, it was not surprising that people all over wants to give their one cent about the movie. Since opinions are not always objective, many among these put the film Undertow in a bad light.

This is what this website aims to address. We want to give you the real story behind the movie that would enable you to judge it without any biases. Your opinions are your own. But as much as possible, we want to explain here points that are often misunderstood. This is not your typical movie. Most cannot even determine the genre where it belongs to, and we won’t even start to classify it. What we want however, is to guide you into making your own opinions based on the story and not from other people’s judgments. We want you to see the relevance of the theme of this movie to the present, and see the impact of prejudice to the every decision we make.

This is an interactive site made for the public so your participation is a must.

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